Welcome To Ken’s Nails

Ken's Nail Salon Inside Image 01

Ken’s Nail Salon Inside Image 01

Looking to have your nails done beautifully?  At Ken’s Nail Salon, everything is well sanitize.  Our nail technicians are very professional, therefore you will get excellent services.  We do offer drinks and the environment of the nail salon is very friendly.  We also go extra miles by fix any broken nail for free if you allow us to do your nails.  Furthermore, we know that you always want to have the best service as possible, therefore we always upgrade our products to make sure we can provide you the best service as possible.

Walk-ins are welcome!  Also, you can make an appointment with us by calling 770-423-1993.

We locate at 745 Chastain Rd., Suite 1040, Kennesaw, GA 30144

Our hours of operation are Monday to Saturday (10:00 AM to 7:30 PM) and Sunday (12:00 PM to 6:00 PM).

Price List

Natural Nails

Basic Manicure:  $10
Deluxe Manicure:  $16
Basic Pedicure:  $20
Eucalyptus Pedicure:  $28
Tropical Pedicure:  $32

Artificial Nails

Full-Set:  $20 & up
Fill-In:  $15 & up

Gel Powder:
Full-Set:  $29 & up
Fill-In:  $19 & up

Gel Polish:
Color:  $25
French:  $30

Solar (Pink & White/Colors):
Full-Set:  $38 & up
Fill-In:  $28 & up

Polish Change:
Hands:  $5
Toes:  $7

French or American:
Hands:  $7
Toes:  $9

Eyebrow:  $9
Lips:  $5
Chin:  $5
Side Burns:  $8
Under Arms:  $16
Whole Face:  $25 & up
Half Legs:  $20 & up
Bikini:  $25 & up
Brazilian:  $40 & up

Other Services

French/American:  $5
Nails Art Design:  $3, $5, $8
Nail Repair:  $3 & up
Nail Take Off:  $10

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